The Pleasantville School District

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Mission Statement The Pleasantville School District is committed to excellence in education. Our curriculum is aligned to the New Jersey Core Curriculum State Standards, and complies with regulations and specifications outlined in NCLB. These standards shape our curriculum and provide focus for our instruction. Our mission is committed to improving student achievement and performance at all levels as demonstrated by test scores, attendance, reduction in suspensions and discipline referrals, increasing graduation rate, and enhancing post graduate plans. Pleasantville School District makes concerted effort to recruit, retain, and support high quality staff as demonstrated by hiring practices, strong professional development, recognizing excellence and work performance, and allocation of resources. We are dedicated to forming and strengthening the lines of communication and partnerships with parents, churches, and community members, governments, businesses, agencies and institutions to improve educational quality within the schools. District Demographics Pleasantville Public School District is an urban school district with a population of approximately 3,750 students. Majority of our students are African American and Hispanic.

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